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Save Your Life, Go Surfing!

Surfing has definitely saved my soul on a few occasions. If you are looking for a stocking filler for Xmas then check out this great premium quality tee shirt. Head over to my Online Tee Shirt Store to check out the other colours and sizes.

About Lee Young

A Surfer, Husband, Dad, Brother and Son I have been on this earth for 46 years and intend to be here for another 46. I've created my website as a legacy to my findings, learnings and experiences. I moved my family to Australia in 2005 and everything...

How To Hydrate Your Skin After Surfing

Every surfer that I have met or known always agrees that the dry salty feeling you get on your face after a surf is the best feeling ever. It doesn’t matter how the good the waves were, that feeling makes you feel alive. But the truth is that it’s probably not the best thing for your skin

Flat Rock – 6th March 2016

It's been a long few weeks/ months and to have a really distracts me from not having a job and having no money. Beth visited this weekend as usual although we didn't see much of her. Who can blame her 18 years old with her whole life in front of her. Any the surf...